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I hate spam, you hate spam, we all hate spam. You will recieve none of that from me. This may be an odd way to contact me but spam-bots, web-bots, and those still living in their parent's basement, cheeto eating hackers will do anything to skim webpages, including email forms, to find contact information. That being the case you can drop me a line using the address in the image below:

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Feel free to ask me anything regarding trading, broken web-links, misspelleengs, web traffic, direct link advertising,etc.

My hobbies are very varied so it might be a day or two before you hear from me. If the trout and redfish are on the flats I might be out there. If the ducks are flying I might be in the blind. Oh yeah, and if there are weeds to pull in the front yard, well, there ya go. Oh yeah, I spend a lot of time data-mining and trading also.

May The Force be with you.