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Let's start off telling you who I am not. I am in no way affiliated with any financial corporation or company, which includes banks, brokerages, tax offices, accounting services, etc., zip, zilch, nada. I have never been employed by any of these entities and never plan to be. I am hoping that my next job will be trading my own account for the majority of my income but a lot has to happen in my trading endeavors before that even comes close to happening. I'm a realist and I know this does not happen overnight.

Ok, who am I is probably someone very similar to who you are. I have a full time job, married, have numerous hobbies which include golf, fishing, duck hunting, enjoy a good single malt or red wine, fine cigar here and there, a house to take care of and lawn to cut, a shoulder that probably needs a third surgery from a high-school baseball injury but I still go to the gym an aggravate it here and there, even a little Star Wars 'stuff', etc., etc., etc. Yeah, a lot like you. And, I am sure the similarities continue with some people even more so. But, I know at least one thing I have in common with everyone who visits this site. We both are learning how to make money trading. That's the driving force here. We both have a need or want to be successful in a very unique way that many people fail in. We have a need to be successful in trading. Now, trading and investing are two totally different subjects. We are traders. We look for opportunities that we may hold for only five minutes or five days. Are we scalpers? No. We don't like to think that way but sometimes when we are in a position we do exit after a few minutes because there was good money on the table and we take it. In other words, Bank The Trade. We need to be prepared to act fast!

If you want to read more about me and what sparked my interest in trading the markets check the Personal Info link for some more information.