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Welcome To Bank The Trade!

Please read this Disclaimer first.

This site was constructed as a personal stepping stone per my own trading endeavors. Feel free to read the About Me info for some background about myself. I initially began my 'real', by real I mean I am really serious about trading like it is my own personal business, stock trading with one of those well known so called 'gurus' centered around the low float and low priced stocks. My original site was The Penny Stock Quest and it was all about those lower-float and lower priced stocks.

Somewhere in the middle of 2017 I came across the trading room AwesomeCallsTrading and I was introduced to an entirely new way of thinking about trading the markets. I was introduced to different methods of how to trade, what to trade, and the logic behind it all. New doors were opened and a new way of thinking and studying, and studying, and studying, had begun.

Gone are the days where my scans only included low float and low price stocks where I would look for 5, 10, or 20 cents in a given trade. The sun began to rise in the summer of 2017 with my scans that included large-cap stocks with the likes of $AMZN, $CMG, $AAPL, etc., and many other stocks that I thought I could never trade due to their price per share. Yes, you can day-trade these stocks with options but even so, trading these high-flyers can be just as rewarding with 25, 50, or 100 shares.

If you think it is not worth going long or short only 25, 50, or 100 shares of a $300 stock per a given news event, think again. This is just one of the new areas of trading that I was introduced to at AwesomeCallsTrading where several new doors opened up regarding how to trade the markets.

The AwesomeCallsTrading trading room is moderated by a dozen or so different traders that specialize in various trading methods: options, shorting, ETF's, breaking-news alerts, IPO's, secondary offerings, and even low float, low priced stocks…everything is here in one room. What you don't find is pumped stock garbage that only benefits the moderator or owner of the chatroom. The ACT chatroom is not a herd of sheep waiting for the next stock alert. This is real market analysis, breaking news alerts before you see them in your own news feed, and moderators that will open your eyes to a new realm of trading.

I receive zero kickbacks from ACT's per this website. No affiliate programs, no discounts, no rebates…zip zilch nada. So why am I spending my own time and money coding this website and paying for hosting? Because, when you believe in something that can really change your life and lifestyle you jump in and never look back. And maybe, just maybe you want to also.